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6 Zone Ramp/Soak PWHT Temperature Controller – PRC-6000

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6 Zone Ramp/Soak PWHT Temperature Controller – PRC-6000

Product Description :

PRC-489 Six input/output and six independent 4 steps profile programmer cum temperature controller for SR/PWHT Cycle.

Size : 96 x 96 x 160

PRC-6000-PNL Ready to use panel with input/output connections for SR/PWHT Cycle.

Size 350 x 250 x 325

Technical Specification

InputCr/Al – K type thermocouple – grounded or ungrounded
Range0 to 1200 °C.
Resolution1 °C/1 °F for thermocouple input.
(User selectable unit of measurement °C or °F)
Indicating Accuracy+/- 1 °C for Thermocouple throughout the range
Display4 digit 0.25” Red 7-segment display for process variable.
4 digit 0.25” Green 7-segment display for set value and PID parameters
Output IndicationFront Panel LED indications for SSR output. % Control Output and for Alarm status and status of heating, cooling, and soaking
Control AlgorithmPID or ON/OFF selectable (when specified for switching output).
Open sensor indicationOPEn flashes on the display and control action are turned off or control can be transferred to manual mode and power can be adjusted through keyboard from 0 to 100%.
TuningManual tuning of PID values.
PID ValuesProportional Band (P)= 0.0 to 100.0% of Span,
Integral (I)= 0.00 to 5.00 resets/minute,
Derivative (D) = 0.00 to 10.00miutes, Cycle Time = 2 to 100 seconds.
Hysterisis = 0 to 100 °C, Soft start or Ramp time (rt) = 2 to 99 seconds
Power Limit (PL) = 0 to 100%. Deviation Hold (dHLd) = 0 to 50oC (0= no auto hold) For 1st preheating ramp, dHLd will not be applicable.
SettingsUsing the front panel feather touch (tactile) keyboard to set various parameters.
Control OutputDC pulse to drive external SSR b) Triac(AC switch) 2A @ 250VAC to drive an external relay or contactor coil and c) 4-20mA/0-5VDC to drive external thyristor power regulators.
Ramp/Soak Steps1 to 16 Steps
Ramp rate (Pr)1 °C/hour to 1200oC/hour (for K type t/c)
Soak Temperature (PL)Programmable for each step in the full range of the specified input
Soaking Time (Pd)1 minute to 99 Hour. 59Min.
Program Hold Facility(dHLd)Manual Hold or Auto Hold (Hold back feature for guaranteed Ramp/Soak facility). Deviation holds effective from 2nd ramp onwards.
Alarm OutputRelay Output with programmable hysteresis- can be used as High or Low Alarms or End of Profile relay.
Master / SlaveUser programmable as Master or Slave for multi-zone control
Serial Communication (Optional)Optically isolated 2 wire RS485 -Modbus RTU protocol – for both master controller and slave controller with programmable slave ID.
Supply(90-250)VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size / Panel Cutout48w x 96h x 110d mm. / 45 x 92 mm. +/- 0.5 mm.
EnclosureABS plastic with polycarbonate front graphic.