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Temperature / Humidity Transmitter With Rs-485 / Ethernet Interface (Model Htx-3000)



Model wise descriptions :

Model Products Description
HTX-3000-W T + RH Transmitter – Wall mounting
HTX-3000-F T + RH Transmitter – Floating leads (Sensor with cable)
HTX-3000-W-S T + RH Transmitter – Wall mounting with RS 485 serial interface
HTX-3000-F-S T + RH Transmitter – Floating leads with RS 485 serial interface
HTX-3000-W-E T + RH Transmitter – Wall mounting with ETHERNET TCPIP interface
HTX-3000-F-E T + RH Transmitter – Floating leads with ETHERNET TCPIP interface

Description :

microprocessor based temperature humidity datalogger

Libratherm offers micro-controller based (T + Rh) Transmitter model H TX-3000 with digital display, 4-20mA output, RS 485 and Ethernet outputs as per the requirement.

This model find its application in Green House, Storage rooms, Server room, Sterilizers, Pharmaceutical and Food product storage or manufacturing plants and all such similar areas where the measurement is important and critical and required to be strictly maintained at the desired levels. For sensing (T + Rh) in vacuum system, specially designed suitable sensor assemblies are also available.

Features :

• Microcontroller based design.
• Elegant appearance, easy to operate and compact in size.
• Highly accurate and sturdy in operation.
• Dual display for simultaneous indication of T and RH.
• Field proven Algorithm, tested successfully for various HVAC control applications.

Technical specifications :

Sensor Hygroclip CP or HTS-222 (common for both T and RH)
Temperature Range

-40.0 to 60.0 oC / 0.0 to 60.0 oC

(User to specify the display range)

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.3 °C

%RH Range 0.0 to 100.0 %RH
RH Accuracy +/-1.5 %RH @ 23.0 °C .
Display for T and %RH

4 digit each – 0.3” red seven segment LED.

Power Requirement (*) 24VDC @ 150mA (18 to 36VDC) .
Output 1 for Temperature

4-20mA proportional -40.0 to 60.0 °C or 0.0 to 60.0 °C

Or for any other range – please see the Ordering Information table given below (this output has 12 bit resolution)

Output 2 for %RH 4-20mA proportional 0.0 to 100.0 %RH (12 bit resolution)
Load Resistance

RLmax. = 400 Ohms @ 24VDC.

Serial Output ( optional) Isolated 2 wire RS485 MODBUS RTU Slave protocol
Data Storage Ethernet port on RJ-45 jack with TCP/IP protocol.

Ethernet Port ( optional)

Membrane key board is provided for programming the MODBUS address and for calibration.

Key board 230VAC / 110 VAC ± 10% (10VA), 50/60Hz or 24VDC @ 500mA.
Enclosure (Size) ABS plastic (120 x 80 x 55) mm.
Sensor Stem Size

15 x 140 mm + 2meter long cable for HTX-3000-F

15 x 140 mm with no cable for HTX-3000-W

24VDC Adapter ( Optional) 24VDC adapter working on 90-250VAC can be supplied along with HTX-3000 as shown above.
Mounting Wall mounting clamps are provided for all models.


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