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6 Zone Ramp/Soak Temperature Controller – PRC-8000-6

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6 Zone Ramp/Soak Temperature Controller – PRC-8000-6

Product Description :

PRC-8000-6 6 input and 6 zone Ramp / Soak Programmable PID Temperature Controller.

Technical Specification

No. of Inputs 4, 6 or 8 channels
Input typesK type thermocouple or RTD(PT-100)
RangeFor K type t/c 0 to 1372 °C and For Pt-100 0.0 to 400.0 °C
Resolution0.1 °C or 1 °C for RTD inputs and 1oC for thermocouple inputs.
AccuracyBetter than ± 0.1% of the specified range.
Display2 digit 0.5" Red 7-segment LED display for Zone no.
4 digit 0.5" Red 7-segment LED display for process value
4 digit 0.5" Red 7-segment LED display for set value
6 digit 0.3" Red 7-segment LED display for real-time clock and calendar – optionally provided only when computer interface is provided.
TuningManual tuning of PID values.
Control ActionPID or On/Off.
Cold Junction Compensation (CJC)Built-in automatic from 0 - 50 °C for thermocouple input.
Faulty Sensor IndicationDisplay shows FLt-1 for reverse input and FLt-2 for open input. Under fault conditions, all the control outputs and relays will be turned OFF.
Parameter SettingsUsing front panel membrane keyboard to set the PID, set points and time values.
No. Of ProfilesSingle Program for each zone.
Ramp Soak Steps1 to 16 Steps per program. (Common OR Independent for all the zones).
Time per Step1 to 540 mins. (9 Hr. per step). Two or more steps can be combined for longer time duration.
Program Hold FacilityManual Hold or Auto Hold (Hold back feature for guaranteed Ramp/Soak facility).
Control modeUser can select the single set point control mode and Ramp/Soak control mode through front panel keyboard.
Copying FacilityThis facility allows Copying of Ramp/Soak profiles parameters of the 1st zone to all remaining zones.
Memory BackupRetention of PID and set values in the non-volatile memory in the event of power failure.
On power resumption, the program will resume automatically from the last set point.
Alarm Output2 Extra Relay outputs configured as High and Low Alarms – common for all zones (Relay changeover contacts rated for 5A @ 230VAC).
Control Outputs0 to 10VDC pulses to drive external SSRs or linear signal of (4-20)mA or (0-5)VDC with soft start and power limit facility. (Independent for each zone).
Digital Interface (Optional)RS485 on Modbus ASCII protocol for PC interface with supporting Microsoft Window-based software.
Supply(90-230)VAC ± 10% (10VA), 50/60Hz
Size192 x 96 x 160 mm
Panel cut out188 x 92 mm +/- 0.5 mm.
EnclosureMetal Powder coated with polycarbonate front.